About Us

Our Approach

The history of our company takes us back in time when Grandpa John used to buy and sell fruits and vegetables in Kato Zodia village, which is now occupied by Turks.

After the Turkish invasion in Cyprus the family was moved to Pafos where John’s son, Andreas and his wife Myroulla took over the business of buying and selling fruits and vegetables. During the first years in Pafos, the couple cultivated vegetables and sold them in the street market. What was and still is remarkable is their passion and love for their work.

History Of The Company

In 1994, Andreas and Myroulla managed to open their first retail store in Pafos under the name of “O kipos tis Edem> and they concentrated their effort on selling a huge variety of fresh fruits and vegetables at the best quality.

In 2004, they opened another retail shop at Agapinoros street where they also started selling products wholesale to businesses around Pafos.
Later in 2013, the company was expanded even more with the opening of its third store at Ellados street. All the stores provide a wide variety of groceries meeting efficiently the needs of every consumer and this is proven by thousands of customers in Pafos who are served every day in these stores.
Today the stores have evolved to hyperstores which include many departments with different products such as delicatessen, minimarket, fresh juices and salads, butchery, fish market, fruit market, bakery and liquor store which cover almost every personal need of our customers.