Extending the relationship of mutual respect with our consumers, the company “Andreas Tsiakkarias and sons Ltd” develops new ways of rewarding through the provision of a substantial program of reward and value to each of our customers’ shopping. Through this consumer loyalty program, the company launches to the market the new “Tsiakkarias Loyalty Card”

It is a program for loyal customers that provides to the participants privileges and discounts as a reward for their preference.

The “Tsiakkarias Loyalty Card” is granted completely free and can be used by any member of a family.

Get the “Tsiakkarias Loyalty Card” and take advantage of the benefits and
discounts it offers you

With every purchase of 1 euro the consumer wins 1 point (with purchases of 1000 euro 1000 points etc..). With every 1000 points you redeem, you get
10 euro return for your purchases at the register.

Join now and become a member of the “Tsiakkarias Loyalty Card” of loyal consumers of the Fruit Market “The Garden of Eden”

It’s Fresh time. Its Tsiakkarias Loyalty Card time

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