In our delicatessen you will find fresh cheese and cold meat to enjoy daily and aslo gourmet cheese and gourmet cold meat which we use in the platters you order for your events and family gatherings.

Juice Bar

Everyday we prepare fresh juices and salads at the juice bar of our stores according to our recipes. you are also welcome to order your fresh juice over the phone or at the store and we will prepare it for you. please let us know which fruits and vegetables you would like us to add in your juice or salad.

Mini Market

In our mini market section you will find a variety of products such us food, frozen food, baby and personal care, and food for your beloved pets. we make sure that all our customers can find in our stores the products that they desire.

Fish Market

We are partners also with fish market erimites which is known for the quality fish that distributes through their shops. the shop is constantly receiving your demands so as to increase the variety of fresh fish in the store and thus to serve your unique daily needs.

In our store you will find a variety of wines and spirits for every occasion. we sell wine that can be consumed on a daily basis and wine for your special occasions such as expensive champagnes. additionally we sell many known brands of whiskies, vodkas, liquors, gin etc. it is our pleasure to welcome you in our stores and fulfil any of your needs.

Fruit Market

In a daily basis we provide fresh cypriot and foreign fruits and vegetables. our purpose is to provide a huge variety of products and to make sure that you can seek and find any fruit and vegetable necessary for your daily dish.


We are partners with nakis alfredou butchery shop which provides daily fresh meat, maybe at the best market prices and the stuff of the shop is always ready to serve any of your needs.

Chilled and Frozen Products

Each of our stores carry a range of product lines in frozen, chilled and everyday groceries across distinct product ranges.


Our bakery products are made from the purest ingredients, without any preservatives or additives. We care about you and your family and that is why we can offer you excellent quality bread with a special taste, rich color, fluffy with a crispy crust. All our products are made with love and responsibility in good tasty and delicious food